Dog park to be built on Parkland Avenue

The city is planning to develop a dog park on vacant land on Parkland Avenue across from Pine Grove Cemetery, according to James Marsh, Lynn’s director of community development. The Cemetery Commission, which controls the land, recently authorized the city to use it for a dog park. A fence will be constructed around the perimeter of the 40,000-square-foot site, with additional fencing dividing the park into two areas, one for dogs 30 pounds and under and one for dogs above 30 pounds. The park will be restricted to Lynn residents, who will be assessed a $20 per dog annual fee to help maintain the park. Marsh said the city is building the park to curtail use of the cemetery for dog walking and because dogs have been attacked by coyotes in Lynn Woods Reservation. “We wanted to provide a place where dogs could run freely and where their dogs and owners could socialize,” he said. The city will use $40,000 in Community Development Block Grant money to pay for the project. Construction is set to begin within a month, with the park targeted to open next spring.

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