Warnings on mosquito-borne viruses

Public health administrator Ed Wirtanen is reminding residents to take precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes after insects carrying the West Nile and Eastern equine encephalitis viruses were found in town last month. Wirtanen said West Nile is “always out there,” but he was surprised to see EEE appear locally, especially so early in the season. The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project has done some spraying in town, and Wirtanen said it is continuing to test and will spray again if necessary. He is asking residents to consider rescheduling outdoor activities that occur during the evening or early morning, and if they go outside, to cover up and use insect repellent. Detailed information on repellent is available on the Board of Health page on the town’s website, www.hopkintonma.gov . In addition, residents should drain or remove containers collecting standing water in their yards where mosquitoes can lay eggs, and keep mosquitoes outside by having tightly fitting screens on all windows and doors. Wirtanen said updates will be posted on the website.

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