About Mass. Horticultural Society


Founded in 1829

Started the garden cemetery movement with Mount Auburn Cemetery in 1831

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Introduced the Concord grape variety in 1853

Moved to Elm Bank in 2001

Garden to table

42 raised beds

90 percent of what’s grown is donated to food pantries

1 ton donated last year

Wellesley’s Blue Ginger restaurant has one raised bed that provides produce for its dishes


Designed by Olmsted Brothers firm

16-foot purple beech hedges take four men four days to trim

14th-century baptismal font is being restored

Elm Bank’s most popular setting for wedding ceremonies


Designed by Adrian Bloom

Four-season display

Features 200 perennial species and 5,000 to 7,000 specimens

Planted with the help of 180 volunteers in 2007