Police warn residents of ongoing scams

The Police Department has advised residents to beware of an ongoing paving scam. Pavers stop at residences and indicate they have extra patch left in their vehicle and can improve driveways for a small amount. According to police, the project price often escalates once the pavers are authorized to start working and results in a bill in the thousands of dollars. Residents do not have to do business with door-to-door solicitors. Only solicitors who request permission at the Police Department are allowed to solicit house to house. If solicitors do not leave your property when asked, call police. There have also been reports of telephone solicitations raising concern about an increase in housebreaks in the area. According to a police department statement, there has been no change in statistics regarding housebreaks. The callers are playing on fear in order to sell home alarms. The phone calls are not from the town or police, but from a private company marketing a product.

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