Plum Island residents complain about late-night noise

Plum Island’s Beachcoma restaurant and bar is working with its residential neighbors to resolve complaints related to late-night noise, loitering, and bright lighting on its premises. Abutters to the restaurant brought their concerns to a recent selectmen's meeting, presenting the board with a letter signed by more than a dozen island residents. Mark Alford, who lives on Annapolis Way adjacent to the restaurant, described an “inordinate amount of noise” sometimes past 2 a.m., with patrons hanging around in the parking lot long after the restaurant and bar has closed for the night. The problems haven't been resolved by contacting the police department or owner Gregg Pugh, he said. Pugh, who attended the meeting, said he is willing to work with neighbors, but he noted that there's only so much he can control. Likewise, building inspector Sam Joslin and Police Chief Michael Reilly said the town is limited in what it can do to curb certain problems related to loitering and noise at a business. The two sides agreed to meet to try to hash out the problems.

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