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'Beast' just a dog, DNA test shows

LEWISTON, Maine -- DNA tests have removed the veil of mystery from a creature that created a media and Internet sensation. It was just a dog -- 100 percent dog, according to the Sun Journal.

The newspaper ordered up tests to end the speculation by readers who thought the creature may have been a Tasmanian devil, a dingo, a wolf, or coyote. Some of the more outlandish theories involve mutations and extraterrestrials.

Dr. Yuri Melekovets, the laboratory director at HealthGene Corp. in Toronto, said he's certain the creature was just a dog.

The animal, which was hit by a car while chasing a cat, was photographed by a resident. People in Turner speculated that it had been a mystery creature that killed pets and screamed at night , terrorizing residents.

It had a short snout, small ears, and blue eyes.

State wildlife biologists and local animal control officers declined to go to Turner to examine the remains of the animal.

Without any official findings, the creature obtained near-mythical status as word spread in the media and on the Internet. The newspaper obtained a paw from the animal's remains and ordered up its own tests.

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