Report: Parking in Boston really is that bad

Few pleasures are as sweet as the comfort of knowing you’re justified in whining about parking in Boston.

A new study from the personal finance website NerdWallet ranked Boston the fifth-worst city in the nation for the quality of parking — putting it behind Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, and New York City.

The ranking was based off average daily and monthly parking costs and vehicle theft rates, but didn’t look at the real torment of Hub drivers: the ratio of on-street parking spots to cars seeking a temporary home.

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Still, NerdWallet noted that Boston does have some redeeming factors when it comes to parking. From their post:

Boston is one of the cities served by the Parker app, which provides information about spots and garages in the area. It costs $33.50 a day and $405 a month to park in the city. If you’re visiting the city, try going on a Sunday — parking meters are free that day.

In Boston, you can register for ticket notifications, so you can get reminders when you receive a ticket and when you have to pay. You can also appeal a ticket in person, by mail or online. The city’s Department of Transportation keeps the public updated about projects for street improvement through the website Boston Complete Streets.

Motorists looking for the best deal on parking — low parking costs and few thefts — may look no further than Boise. But then you’d have to live in Boise.