New departures/arrivals sign to debut in Ted Williams Tunnel

A mock-up of a temporary sign installed last month just outside the Ted Williams Tunnel.
A mock-up of a temporary sign installed last month just outside the Ted Williams Tunnel.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

In this column last month, I aired a commuter’s concerns about the sign at the end of the Ted Williams Tunnel leading to Logan International Airport: “You come around the bend, and you are all of a sudden, without ANY advance warning signs, faced with getting into left lane for departures and right lane for arrivals.”

At best, the signs caused confusion. At worst, it was a situation ripe for a disastrous outcome as motorists swerved into the correct lane before they missed their turnoff.

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An additional “Departures/Arrivals” sign appearing earlier in the journey to the airport, the tipster suggested, would give drivers more time to anticipate whether they would need to shift lanes.

Richard Walsh, spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, said the agency would take that suggestion under consideration and look at how, and where, additional signs may be helpful.

And now Massport has done just that.

In December, the agency installed a temporary sign near the Ted Williams Tunnel exit into Logan that provided a bit of advanced notice.

This week, Walsh said a bigger, more permanent overhead sign was scheduled to be installed on Thursday, at the same point in the tunnel where part of the roadway begins to veer toward the airport.

The message will be simple: Departures, left lane. Arrivals, right lane.

And for those looking for some extra guidance: Our same tipster said he has come to remember which lane to enter by recalling that the first letters of the two turnoffs—“D” for departures and “A” for arrivals—are in reverse alphabetical order.