With new reporter at the wheel, Starts & Stops gets a reboot and a new home on the web

Greetings, readers of Starts & Stops!

If you’ve been following transportation news in the Globe for the past few months, you may have noticed a change: I’ve taken over for Eric Moskowitz on the Globe’s transportation beat. Eric had a distinguished tenure covering all things roads and rails — and with his weekly column, he kept readers informed (and entertained!) with tales of a train-hopping boa, the not-so-gray area of the state’s texting-while-driving ban, and the mysterious case of the vanishing CharlieCards.

Eric, who happens to be my cubicle-neighbor, passed along a note of farewell.

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As Eric passes the torch to me, I’m also taking over Starts & Stops — and thrilled to continue the decades-old transportation column in the form of this blog, with daily updates.

A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Miami, where I learned to drive on roads with exotic names like Coral Way and Alligator Alley, and loved riding the Metrorail to the occasional Miami Heat game.

I’ve been in Boston for two years now, and transportation-wise, I’m an equal-opportunity employer: I carry my CharlieCard everywhere (with particularly loyalty to the Red Line), I drive a manual transmission Toyota hatchback, and I ride a Jamis Coda hybrid bike. I’ve also been known to use cabs, Hubway, Zipcar, RelayRides, Amtrak, BoltBus, Megabus, pedicabs — you name it, I’ve probably tried to get around this city on it.

With the Starts & Stops blog, I plan to keep readers informed on the day-to-day trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the region’s train, bus, highway, and street systems.

To do that, I need your help.

Starts & Stops has always thrived on the questions, comments, concerns, gripes, tips, or general musings of readers who notice oddities on their daily commutes.

I’m asking for that tradition to continue.

I’m looking for tips on the serious stuff, like a door stuck open on a Red Line train; the not-so-serious stuff, like a mystifying road sign; and the flat-out bizarre — a house cat riding in a stroller on the T, for starters.

Whatever it is you see on the region’s trains, buses, roads, bike lanes, and parking spots, I want to hear about it.

Contact me over e-mail at mpowers@globe.com. And I’m all over Twitter, so if that’s your jam, shoot me a Tweet @martinepowers. Transit-related cell phone photos, YouTube clips, or Vine videos are always appreciated.

So, in the spirit of Starts and Stops — let’s get started!