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Menino hurts leg before parade

It was supposed to be a glorious moment.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino was hoisting the World Series trophy yesterday at Fenway about an hour before the Red Sox parade kicked off.

As he walked off a stage set up at the park, still holding the prize, Menino did not see the stairs that were obscured by the golden trophy. He tripped and injured his leg.

"He hyperextended his knee," said Dorothy Joyce, the mayor's spokeswoman. "He's fine."

After driving back to City Hall, his leg still bothered him, so he decided to visit his doctor, she said. "It's a big day for him today and he loves this stuff, but what can you do?"

Luckily, the trophy did not hit the ground during the mayor's mishap.

"He saved the trophy," Joyce said. "He was more concerned about the trophy than himself."

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