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Big book losses

Bridgewater residents have just hammered another nail in the town's coffin by deciding to shut down the public library ("Bridgewater goes beyond belt-tightening," Sept. 23, Globe South.) The failure of the last override attempt means deep cuts in town services. When this type of tragedy occurs, most lament reductions in public safety. Those who see the big picture shed tears over the closing of the public library.

Libraries provide access to all people, no matter their age, income, ethnicity, language, or physical ability. They provide access to books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, online databases, museum passes, storytimes, the Internet, and trained information professionals, and this just scratches the surface.

Closing a public library can mean that many students have no place to go after school and on the weekends. Immigrants trying to learn English will have more difficulty integrating into society and finding jobs. Those trying to improve their computer skills will be unable to do so and will have a harder time finding a job.

Would having a public library solve all the world's problems? No. However, the problems would be fewer - and all for less than 2 percent of the town's total municipal budget. There is no better return on investment than a public library.

Kimberly S. Lynn
Massachusetts Library Association

Paws off, please
I wanted to thank you for your article ("Dog owners have bone to pick," Sept. 23, Globe South) on the Quincy beach dog issue.

Currently many beaches prohibit dogs on the beach from June 30-Sept. 1. Of course, there are those who pay little or no attention to the rules. I have witnessed dog bites, growling, and naturally a lot of pooping. On a rare occasion, the owner will dispose of it.

Walking/running and relaxing on any beach is for people. If I had my way, no dog would ever set a paw on the sand!

Bernice Kohn

Mail to the chief
Why do people feel that their pet's excrement is not their responsibility but everyone else's problem? They can only be described as lazy and inconsiderate.

Officer McGunigle was in a position to do what many of us would love to do. Pick it up or pay for it. Anyone who's walking a dog without a means of picking it up should be fined.

Shame on the Quincy chief for not supporting him. Please let him know that there are those that do!

Stephen Hammond

Police cleanup
Officier Joseph McGunigle is right, in my opinion, to rid the beaches of dog waste and free running dogs.

I bought a house at Rexhame Beach in February and we are faced with the same problems. When we walk on the beach, dogs come up to my wife and I and scare us. Do me a favor: Send McGunigle down here to clean things up.

Jim Carroll

Squantum SOS
I was shocked and amazed to read that Quincy police patrolman Joseph McGunigle was suspended for doing his job.

I wish he lived in Squantum so that he could ticket the people who constantly let their dogs defecate in front of my door. When going to the Squantum School park or Squaw Rock you cannot walk two feet without stepping into dog feces.

Mary Coughlin

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