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To build community, try respect

Thank you for your coverage of Boston College's planned expansion into what was the Boston Archdiocese conservation land.

The BC task force has had constructive working relationships with BC, the BRA, and the city for the decade covered by the last master plan. Some of the results of those working relationships were negotiated agreements with BC to move 850 students back onto its campus and increase scholarships to Allston-Brighton students from four one-year to 10 four-year scholarships.

That's exactly the kind of relationship we need now. Members of the community task force have worked hard to build mutually respectful relationships with BC and successfully voice the profound desire of Brighton residents to maintain a strong, peaceful family community.

The question is: Can we get there by battling BC or negotiating in good faith in the public arena? As a mediator, I think I know the answer.

Deborah Reiff

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