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As to BC, patience will pay off

The article regarding the long wait for Boston College's development plans for the newly acquired Archdiocese of Boston property called attention to frustrations felt by Lake Street abutters, Secretary of State William Galvin, and City Council candidate Alex Selvig. Both the secretary and Mr. Selvig will be directly impacted by whatever BC eventually develops on this property and therefore their views are most important in that context ("Neighbors stew while BC ponders," Aug. 26).

However, the wait thus far has been due largely to the dialogue that has taken place over the past year in which BC -- prior to filing a master plan -- has been showing the community what it would like to do on the property while listening to the community's concerns. Hopefully, those concerns will result in changes to the preliminary ideas presented so far that will help BC achieve its objectives while respecting the community's goals.

It remains to be seen how close they will come, but waiting a few more months to see BC "get it right," as Tom Keady (BC vice president of community affairs) stated at the last meeting, represents progress in terms of the neighborhood's ability to affect the outcome.

Task force members recall the last master plan filed by BC, which was preceded by months of negotiations, resulted in a much higher number of on-campus beds being created than what BC had originally planned.

Those units removed students from the neighborhood and placed BC in the top slot in Boston for percentage of students housed on campus.

Working with institutions can be an arduous task at times, but the community needs to recognize when it is making progress and be willing to stretch their patience if it means a better plan for all by doing so.

Jean Woods
Chairwoman, BC Community Task Force

Paul Berkeley

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