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Teen drowns after falling into Milford quarry

MILFORD -- A 16-year-old boy drowned yesterday after plunging into a water-filled quarry that attracts young people despite warnings from authorities to stay away.

Brian Kerr of Framingham was hanging out with friends at the edge of the quarry about 3:30 p.m. when he apparently tripped, said fire officials. Kerr apparently struck his head on an outcropping of rock before hitting the water, officials said.

A team of State Police divers searching the quarry's waters recovered Kerr's body on an underwater ledge about 40 feet below the surface, the officials said.

He was pronouced dead at Milford Regional Hospital at 5:10 p.m.

Fire officials said the quarry, located behind Louisa Lake and an apartment complex, is 120 feet deep in places. It is filled with underwater ledges that make diving and swimming precarious. Even hiking around the quarry is forbidden by local authorities.

"This is a reminder to kids not to be going into that area," said Margaret Care , a Milford Fire Department dispatcher. "You don't know what's in that water. It's a problem every summer."

She said that there are "keep out" postings around the quarries and that local authorities stress its dangers every year.

"But the kids go in there anyway, as soon as it's warm," said Care.

Candy Hulyk, who was visiting Louisa Lake yesterday, said that until the 1970s, the Milford quarries were well-known hangouts for young people.

"You could drive down on a good summer night and see all the cars lined up from the kids who were in the quarries," she said.