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Stolen goods, pregnancy hormones, and 'Idol' chatter

There were no big themes out there in the local blogosphere over the last fortnight, just a lot of bloggers musing and meandering. It almost had the feel of people airing out their cranial closets as we all wait for the warmer weather; a mental spring cleaning if you will . . .

Oh, wait. I guess that's a theme.

Over in Wellesley, the Swellesley Report ( had the skinny on where you could pick up some good stuff cheap that may or may not have been stolen from one of your neighbors, an online auction site called .

"That's where the Police Department has been sending unclaimed items from its collection of lost and stolen goods for the past 4 years," the blogger wrote, quoting Sue Morse , the department's keeper of records. "The California-based Web business, started in 1999 by a former police detective, sends back half of whatever it makes on the auctioned items and the money -- $3,000-$4,000 for the Wellesley Police Department to date -- goes into the town's general fund. Morse says the department has sent the auction site truckloads of bikes, jewelry and other items, some that had been in storage since the last century. Some of the items come from housebreaks. The cops will sometimes arrest a suspect and find a car full of stolen goods, but can't always reunite the items with their owners. The department sends its items to two or three times a year."

In Newton, our old friend the Reluctant Housewife ( was giving us a primer in how pregnancy hormones and the real estate market aren't necessarily a good mix. It seems that Roxanna , the blogger, and her husband have procrastinated a bit on their home-buying and are still out there looking, even though she's due in the first week of April.

"Thing is, I'm so high on pregnancy hormones that when I see a house with ugly wallpaper and dirty carpets, I take it personally," she wrote in a March 5 post. "I left a house in TEARS on Saturday because the master bath had pink and yellow tile and the owners had pink Kleenex and toilet paper, which means that they chose to highlight the pinkness ON PURPOSE and can't they see how cruel that is? (To my credit, we had just seen a house where the agent used the words 'asbestos' and 'high lead levels' and 'frozen pipes' and 'great place to raise your boys' in the same sentence. So you see, my emotions were a little raw for good reason."

The Counting Sheep blog ( , meanwhile, has been keeping up a running commentary on this year's version of "American Idol" and was unimpressed by last week's effort by the boys.

"YAWN . . . I think that word officially sums up last night's episode," the Newton-based blogger wrote. "In fact, at this point I think they should just send everyone home except the Divas (Lakisha, Melinda, and possibly Stephanie) and we can let them hash it out for the next however many weeks."

(Memo to self: Don't put Counting Sheep and own 6-year-old daughter in same room. Divergent opinions on "Idol" guys could result in fisticuffs.)

The last word this week belongs to Watertown's Charlie Hatton and his "Where the Hell Was I" blog ( , which he used to muse about the thanklessness of setting friends up on dates and then being criticized for trying to do a good thing.

"Then, I'm supposed to actually pay attention to these friends, as they yap away about what they like, and what they don't like, and what they're looking for in a perfect 'soulmate,' " Hatton wrote in a recent posting. "Please. If I'm not going to listen when my wife talks about that stuff, I'm certainly not going to listen to my friends. Don't these people have blogs for this kind of" (ahem) stuff?

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