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Music to their ears: DJs Ramiro and Pebbles

In the midst of all the chaos during Monster Jam this fall, Jam'n 94.5 gave T.i.P. an interview with disc jockeys Ramiro and Pebbles, who have been waking us up for years.

T.i.P.: What's the favorite part of your job?

Ramiro: I hate my job. Print it: "Ramiro hates his job!" I hate talking to people, I hate the listeners, I hate the music, I hate everything about it. . . . I'm just kidding.

Pebbles: Everyone is like, "Oh, that must be the best part of your job, meeting celebrities and stuff." It's nice, I like it, but I like when we get to talk to audience members and people call in the show. That's the fun part for me.

T.i.P.: What don't you like about your job?

Pebbles: The only thing, I say, is we don't like getting up early.

Ramiro: I don't like it, but, I'm like, if that's what I have to do, to do something I love doing every day then whatever, I'll do it. I go to bed at 8:30 and wake up at 3:30. As far as during the week -- no social life whatsoever.

T.i.P.: How'd you get your start in radio?

Ramiro: I went to broadcasting school. I was just looking for a foot in the door. I was willing to do anything, and work [at my college radio station], and sleep there.

T.i.P.: How can other budding disc jockeys get a foot in the door?

Pebbles: Internships are definitely the way to get in.

Ramiro: Do everything. Especially now in this day and age you can never know too much.

T.i.P.: Why do you both haze Krazy Kulo so much?

Pebbles: [You mean] legalized bullying?

Ramiro: I do it for the people, I do it for the entertainment, I do it to make him a sympathetic character. I bully him and people say, "Wow he's bullying him!" but then they ultimately rally for Kulo.

Phil Donahue is a senior at Odyssey High School. Samantha Mbawuike is a senior at Boston Community Leadership Academy.

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