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A long ride into the record book

Plenty of people have flipped through the Guinness Book of World Records and thought to themselves: ``Hey, I can do that."

Moshe Arazi, Aaron Lyons, and David Micley turned those thoughts into actions.

When the Newton trio patched together a 30-foot 1-inch skateboard and took it for a spin covering more than 100 feet, they set the mark for the world's longest skateboard.

``We are all into skating, surfing, and snowboarding, so we knew what we were doing," said Lyons, 18. ``We just saw in it the book and thought we would try to go after the record."

With help from Arazi's father, the teens began to gather supplies. The biggest rule regarding the board's construction was simple: no nails, just glue.

``We went to Home Depot and bought strips of wood to use for the body," Lyons said. ``We sanded it, painted it, and put it together." Wheel placement was the toughest to coordinate, he said: ``We didn't want the board to sag too much in the middle."

Last October, the teens finally wrapped up nearly a year's worth of construction and took the board for the big ride. They recorded the event, took some extreme closeups of their handiwork to show they had followed the guidelines, and sent the footage to the guardians of the record book.

``The people at Guinness are very particular, so it took some time to get done," said Lyons. But their names are now a part of history, posted on the Guinness website,, in one of 11 skateboard categories.

And their record-setting board?

``Right now it's sitting in one of our garages," Lyons said. ``One day, though, we're going to take that thing out and ride it right down Commonwealth Avenue."

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