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What to do about bedbugs

Buggin' out over bedbugs? Here's some advice offered in a pamphlet from the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation :

``Ask your landlord to hire a qualified exterminator to inspect and treat your home. Prepare for inspection by cleaning your home, including closets, and removing clutter. Push furniture to the center of the room, away from walls. Empty out dressers. Pack up as much as you can in plastic bags. At least two pesticide applications, two weeks apart, are needed to break the bedbugs' reproductive cycle.

``Based on the inspection, the exterminator will determine if your furniture can be treated or should be replaced. Discarded furniture should be sealed or else broken up so that no one is tempted to take it home. . . .

``If your landlord refuses to provide extermination assistance, call the Housing Inspection Division at 617-635-5322 or the Boston Public Health Commission at 617-534-2865 ."


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