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Let's hear the city's response to traffic improvement ideas

I've been reading with interest, for the past few weeks, the various drivers' letters noting their observations and suggesting some insightful solutions to many of our city's most basic traffic engineering-based problems (``Who taught YOU to drive," City Weekly). This week, for example, I read with extreme empathy suggestions about the poor road designs (lane merges), signage issues (huge problem in Boston), and our city's many odd walk signal timings.

My question is this: Are any of readers' well-thought-out suggestions and points going to be acknowledged or addressed by the city? As someone who has seen little or backward motion on city streets (i.e., Western Avenue in Allston's repaving that resulted in the removal of a formerly well-designed traffic pattern with organized turn lanes, in favor of a basic and cheaper double yellow line only for its duration), I'm curious what the city's perspective is on some of these valid points. Will any action be taken?

Based on history, my guess is a resounding no.

Nathan Gunner Brookline

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