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Real estate transactions


73 Hardwick Rd. -- Jada Kavanagh and Scott E. Kavanagh to Anne S. Mato and Shawn J. Mato, $695,000 20 Frankland Rd. -- Joel M. Aho to Ellen C. Larosa and Gregory J. Larosa, $425,000 87 Alden St. -- Elizabeth Gorman and James T. Gorman to Justin P. Ferraro and Michelle T. Ferraro, $389,000 164 Arrowhead Circle , Unit 164 -- Igor Knyazhitskiy and Olga Knyazhitskiy to Dianne Huber, $355,000


65 Whitehall Way -- CC Estates LP to Jyotsna Jain and Raja K. Sait, $608,444 6 Partridge Trl -- David J. Brady and Diana J. Brady to Bethany Gilbert and John Gilbert, $490,000 1101 Old Bridge Lane , Unit 1101 -- Longview RT and Richard E. Terrill to Debra A. Moore, $333,000 16 Rakeville Circle -- Ellen M. Cavanaugh and Ellen M. Rindone to Matthew J. Konevich and Susan M. Krause, $317,000 502 Village Lane , Unit 502 -- John D. Briggs and Suzanne F. Briggs to Mcneil FT and Loretta F. Mcneil, $313,000 231 Theresa Rd. -- Carol A. Smith and Tracy Smith to Andrew Fogarty, $305,500 30 Easy St. -- Dove Avylla to Pennie A. Birri, $262,900 61 Taunton St. , Unit 61 -- Grace RT and Grace RT LLC to Sean Cote, $230,000 BOLTON

80 Laurel Rd. -- Denise Nicoli-roche and Edward G. Roche to Gary Preman and Monica L. Preman, $1,070,000 571 Wattaquadock Hill Rd. -- Tammy M. Fateiger and William C. Fateiger to Robert Fateiger, $450,000 DOVER

5 Cedar Hill Rd. -- Calumet Corp to Debra D. Fitch and Jonathan W. Fitch, $1,710,000 135 Pine St. -- Vicky D. Straley and Victor A. Cruz to Mark B. King and Samskriti King, $773,500 FRAMINGHAM

580 Belknap Rd. -- Dianne G. Kobel and Theodore A. Kobel to William B. Gould, $560,000 55 Pleasant St. -- Brostrom FT and Diane G. Brostrom to National Transfer LLC, $515,101 55 Pleasant St. -- Natl Transfer Svcs LLC to Manajit K. Barman and Poly Deka, $515,101 5 Harmony Lane -- Hugo L. Archila and Rosa Archila to Nicholas D. Valorie, $515,000 24 Carter Drive -- Chad Hawkinson and Priscilla T. Hawkinson to Hedy S. Dion and Noel M. Dion, $465,000 72 Alexander St. -- Keith M. Shapiro to Donald Elysee, $460,000 30 Vose St. -- Gilda A. Demauro to Robert P. Gilbert, $450,000 280 Edmands Rd. -- Doris E. Askin to Andrew J. Trainor, $440,500 46 Hayes St. -- Scott A. Ames to Jorge A. Arizandieta, $432,400 12 Merrill Drive -- Annureet Kohli and Pankaj C. Khatri to Jerome P. Fazio, $380,000 81 Johnson St. -- Francis G. Holland and Patricia M. Holland to Clyde L. Drew and Helen A. Drew, $375,000 80 Eaton Rd. W -- Jeffrey K. Cooper to Amy B. Eisenberg and Jason A. Tiberio, $370,000 100 Pond St. -- Daniel Tran and Maina Tran to Anita Defelice and Joseph Benson, $343,000 FRANKLIN

7 Hailey Ave. , Unit 7 -- Oak Hill Vlg LP and Oak Hill Vlg LLC to Ellen L. Frank and Jeffrey A. Frank, $561,340 194 King St. -- Eastern Mgmt & Dev to Laurence W. Macdonald and Susan G. Macdonald, $275,000 32 Highwood Drive , Unit 32 -- Matthew J. Konevich and Susan M. Krause to Amy C. Schmidt and Christopher P. Schmidt, $202,500 HOLLISTON

1508 Washington St. -- Janine Mckunes and Paul D. Mckunes to Michael Generazio, $850,000 15 Bald Hill Rd. -- Paula L. Souza and Paula S. Briggs to Jennifer A. Ulfelder, $645,000 96 Dorset Rd. -- Christine L. Faulkner and Kelley M. Faulkner to Alexander Foster and Erica Foster, $326,000 HOPKINTON

3 Tammer Lane -- Stacey M. Lander and Stephen N. Lander to Francoise Colpin and Moulay H. Alaoui-ismaili, $725,000 16 Cole Drive , Unit 16 -- Lumber St 1 RT and William A. Depietri to Jane C. Kamer, $617,400 9 Barbara Rd. -- Patricia L. Potenza and Thomas J. Potenza to Glenn Griffiths and Linda Griffiths, $600,000 11 East St. -- David M. Hughes and Therese A. Hughes to Ashlie S. Herrick and Christopher Marc Whitten, $469,000 MEDFIELD

85 Pine St. -- Helen M. Reynolds T. and Walter F. Reynolds Jr T. to Betty J. Noonan and William T. Noonan, $499,900 37 Miller St. -- Albert W. Heuser and Barbara L. Grainger to Felicity D. Day and John O. Day, $410,600 433 Main St. , Unit 16 -- Abigail G. Silk and Marc B. Silk to Marc D. Koenig, $409,500 388 Main St. -- Brock L. Allen and Jessica L. Allen to Myrna H. Perez, $385,000 MEDWAY

14 Phillips St. -- Dennis A. Parent and Jacqueline L. Hamel to Dana M. Rock and Holly Parent, $280,000 MILFORD

22 Roland Way -- F&D Central Rlty Corp Inc to George G. Belsito and Margaret M. Belsito, $541,846 7 Whittier Rd. -- E Michael Cook and Marjorie M. Cook to Brian Flynn and Patricia Flynn, $439,000 17-1/2 Church St. -- Elizabeth D. Longoria and Elizabeth D. Shore to Lauren J. Msadoques and Thomas R. Josie, $303,500 31 Howard St. -- Jamie Wooldridge and Roberta Wooldridge to Lam Wai and Tang Quan Lin, $303,000 12 Aris Way , Unit 12 -- Granite Woods Corp to Clifton W. Sheppard, $280,500 13 Shadowbrook Lane , Unit 36 -- Joann G. Clancy to Steven W. Simmons and William L. Simmons, $187,000 12 Joan Circle -- Anne I. Mccabe and Graham D. Mccabe to Dorothea E. Barnard, $13,200 MILLIS

309 Plain St. -- Ann E. Zomberg and Ann Majkut to Kyle D. Thompson and Maureen Thompson, $374,900 35 Union St. -- Edward R. Generazio and Rose Generazio to Hanh T. Nguyen and Thach V. Nguyen, $325,000 18 Country Village Way , Unit 18 -- Stoddard RT and Virginia M. Stoddard to Carol M. Fetter, $270,000 40 Crestview Drive -- Ralph J. Hamwey and Susan L. Hamwey to Phyllis Dillon and William Dillon, $23,000 NATICK

169 Union St. , Unit A -- Michael D. Shafto to Vicky Straley and Victor Cruz, $515,000 3 Harwood Rd. -- Robert M. Coran to Christopher J. Barbin and Michelle Barbin, $456,500 3 Alden St. -- Gayle A. Mosher and Gayle Donahue to Joseph E. Obrien and Kimberly A. Obrien, $448,500 22 Walnut St. -- Denise Siaba and Michael Siaba to Andrea J. Gonsalves and Christopher L. Gonsalves, $446,000 98 Glen St. -- Carl F. Rovinelli to Amanda H. Dasse and Scott F. Dasse, $425,000 25 Cottage St. -- Brett M. Burchette and Patricia Burchette to Karen R. Wagner, $372,500

10 Oak Knoll Rd. -- David Weiher and Symantha W. Gates to Sirva Relocation Cred LLC, $369,000 10 Oak Knoll Rd. -- Sirva Relocation Cre LLC to Anthony E. Luoni and Jennifer M. Luoni, $369,000 35 Oakland St. -- Lisa M. Morana and Lisa Mahoney Brask to Arthur P. Robert and Katherine E. Branagan, $365,000 69 Eliot St. -- Maeve Vallely-Bartlett and Norman E. Bartlett to Robert Schlesinger, $350,000 1 Milford Ave. -- Edith E. Rankin to Stephen P. K. Clifford, $303,000 1 Village Way , Unit 5 -- Rui Liang to Alexandra Masselli and Anthony Colletti, $232,000

9 Oakland St. -- Diane E. Cadman and Kathy Lyn Whitcraft to Kathy Lyn Whitcraft, $150,000 NEEDHAM

37 Whiting Way -- Needham Warren T. Inc to Lilian P. Joventino and Matthew L. Freedman, $1,200,000 7 Rybury Hillway -- John E. Malone RT and Kerry J. Malone to John A. Schultz and Terry K. Schultz, $965,000 88 Lindbergh Ave. -- Marleen Diane Vongoeler T. and Eberhard Vongoeler to Giovanni Cecere and Laura Cecere, $709,100 75 Hoover Rd. -- Marie A. Cady and Roger P. Cady to Massachusetts Res NT and National Res NT, $677,500 NORFOLK

29 Lois Lane , Unit 29 -- Holbrook Comm Nwlk LLC to Sorrento RT and Josephine Sorrento, $552,090 58 Medway St. -- Brian J. Lawn and Constance L. Lawn to Jane L. Hill and Robert D. Hill, $460,000 375 Main St. -- Caroline F. Keinath-lopez to Susan S. Syngay, $377,000 PLAINVILLE

77 Terry Lane , Unit 77 -- ROC JAL LLC to Satyanarayana Velidande and Swapna Velidande, $349,900 79 Terry Lane , Unit 79 -- ROC JAS LLC to Caroline Lis, $349,900

3 Patriot Way -- Michael F. Cacciapaglia and Teri A. Cacciapaglia to William A. Nightingale, $320,000 SHERBORN

2 Washington St. -- Masheed H. Rosenqvist and N. Roger Rosenqvist to John Christopher Owen and Marie A. Owen, $853,000 WRENTHAM

Ellery St. -- Kimberly Backlund and Mary L. Backlund to Kirk J. Backlund and Mary L. Backlund, $50,000

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