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OFFICIALS TO REVIEW WARRANT ARTICLES -- A meeting before a meeting is the best way to avoid surprises, according to town planner Jennifer Burke. Officials will hold the pre-Town Meeting at 7:30 pm Thursday at Town Hall to familiarize the town moderator with which warrant articles will go forward at the annual Town Meeting and which will not, and who will be recommending them favorably or not. Likely amendments on the floor will also be discussed, she said. Two important and costly articles at the Town Meeting on May 2 are payment for an $8,8 million upgrade to the sewer treatment plant, and a portion of a sediment study of the Assabet River, for $75,000. Marlborough, Maynard, Northborough, Shrewsbury, and Westborough are also supposed to pay for the study, required by state and federal environmental agencies. --Connie Paige


TOWN MEETING SALUTES SOLDIERS, SAILORS -- Town Meeting paid tribute last month to residents serving in the military, said Sarah Cannon Holden, chairwoman of the Board of Selectmen. In addition, Holden said her father, Dr. Bradford Cannon, who at 97 is the town's oldest living veteran, gave a brief statement. Cannon, a surgeon who operated on seriously wounded soldiers during World War II, said of today's servicemen: ''Let us hope that each of them will return unscathed, but if any is injured either mentally or physically, I hope they will receive the same expert, dedicated care and support that was achieved by medical officers, nurses, and aides during and after World War II." Since last fall, an honor roll at the town library lists Lieutenant Colonel John Douglas Harding, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald P. McIntyre Jr., Major Samuel E. Hales, Major Anne Meriam Mackin, and Private First Class Jarrett McKay Adams of the Army; Commander Karen Dawes Sellers and Lieutenant Charles Francis Adams of the Navy; and Corporal Philip K. Boege and Corporal Clinton Knox of the Marine Corps. -- Matt McDonald

WEBSITE UPDATED -- The town's website has a new look, the product of a redesign aimed at improving the look and making it easier to navigate. To see it, go to Comments and suggestions may be sent by e-mail to

-- Matt McDonald


OFFICIALS TRACKING LAND OWNERSHIP -- Mystery surrounds the ownership of a small plot of land on Jefferson Street that would be affected by a zoning change, city officials say. The half-acre plot was owned by Louis Seymour 15 years ago, according to City Solicitor James Agoritsas. Seymour successfully sued the city after it took the land by eminent doman. The city was ordered to return the deed and pay Seymour $25,000. However, the deed was never returned to Seymour, Agoritsas said. And the check for $25,000? It was never cashed, he said. Seymour, who ran an oil delivery service on the land, has since died. ''It's a very strange situation, and there's more to this than meets the eye that I'm not at liberty to share with you at this time," Agoritsas told the City Council's Urban Affairs Committee. ''We're attempting to work something out that would benefit the Seymour family and the city of Marlborough."   Continued...

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