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Evidence shown in N.H. murder investigation

Stains, bones, weapons found at home of man

CONCORD, N.H. -- Court documents unsealed yesterday detail more evidence police found while investigating the murder of Edith ''Pen" Meyer.

Investigators found stains that may be blood at the Lempster home of Kenneth Carpenter, 53, who is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Meyer, 55, of Goshen.

Authorities believe Carpenter killed Meyer and incinerated her body because she helped Carpenter's girlfriend get a restraining order against him. Court records show Sandra Merritt, 45, broke off an 11-month affair with Carpenter in November and then accused him of stalking her.

Testing has not confirmed that the stains investigators found are Meyer's blood, and police have not said how and where they believe she was killed. Investigators also seized a rifle and two crossbows from Carpenter's home, along with crossbow darts and bullets.

Police interviewed Natasha Heath, a friend of Carpenter's wife, Cynthia Harvey. Heath told police she thought Carpenter was dangerous and had warned her friend not to marry him.

Letters Carpenter wrote to Merritt suggest he may have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which can lead to frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, impulsive behavior, paranoid thoughts, and other problems.

Merritt accused Carpenter of stalking her after waking up one night and finding Carpenter in her bedroom standing over her, Heath said.

Merritt has refused to speak with reporters.

A judge allowed the case to go forward Thursday after a hearing.

Police reported finding fragments of human bones they believe to be Meyer's in a fire pit outside Carpenter's cabin and finding another fragment in the ashtray of his truck.

Meyer also called Merritt the morning of Feb. 23, the day police believe she was killed, police said. Meyer urged Merritt to rekindle the relationship and mentioned a recent accident Carpenter had.

''This was totally inconsistent with Meyer's past behavior and attitude toward Carpenter," police wrote in a filing.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Will Delker also has said ''there's no way" Meyer would have known about the accident unless Carpenter ''was standing with her, forcing her to make that call."

Police interviewed neighbors who reported seeing Carpenter near Meyer's home on Feb. 23. Police also seized gasoline from Carpenter's home.

Carpenter also apparently made Meyer sign forms agreeing to give up her property, and he told police where to find her safe-deposit box key, investigators have said.

Carpenter, Meyer, and Merritt attended the same Alcoholics Anonymous group.

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