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Real estate transactions


25 Carmen Lane -- David W. Schraut and Jane C. Schraut to Kerry A. Benjamin and Ryan J. Benjamin, $510,000. 36 Presidential Drive -- Peter K. Norton and Lisa M. Norton to Christopher B. Burgess and Theresa Burgess, $470,000. 24 North Ave. -- Robert J. Salton to Thomas H. House and Kimberly R. House, $370,000. 136 Bedford St. -- William W. Cannon and Nancy F. Cannon to Joan J. Tantillo, $329,900. 36 Washington St. -- Christpher B. Burgess and Theresa Burgess to Daniel K. Libby and Laura A. Libby, $320,000. 632 Plymouth St. -- Francis X. Gilpin and James A. Gilpin to Jeffrey A. Beery and Mary F. Beery, $309,260. 146 Isabelle St. -- 146 Isabelle Street RT and Stephen F. Markella to Thang Phan and Thuy B. Hoang, $295,000. 56 Townsend St., Unit 15 -- 2d Base Realty LLC to Nelson Freitas and Angela Foresta, $162,500


686 Liberty St. -- Adrian R. Clapp and Patricia N. Clapp to Maria Rocci and Richard Rocci, $621,000. 527 Elm St. -- Carmella A. Dibella to Edith M. Morrill, $374,500. 127 Quincy Ave. -- Linda L. Mellett and Thomas P. Mellett to Holly A. Weinstein and Nathan R. Mallory, $350,000. 301 Washington St., Unit 5 -- Richard V. Sawyer and Rose P. Sawyer to Mary P. Colleary, $319,000. 501 Commerce Drive, Unit 3-317 -- Commerce Park Housing Associates to Federico Soriano and Glenda Soriano, $280,000. 76 Park St. -- Daryl M. Lacey and Edward J. Lacey to Dina Lacey and Patrick Lacey, $250,000. 501 Commerce Drive, Unit 3-103 -- Commerce Park Housing Associates to Ling Huang, $245,000


84 Elm St. -- Mary Sullivan and Michael Sullivan to Gregory R. Weissman and Nancy E. Weissman, $1,850,000


9 Surfside W -- Jane McBride and Patricia A. Zinkowski to John N. Wisbach and Mary Ross Wisbach, $425,000. 831 West St. -- Mark Mercurio and Carole Ann Helman to James M. Nyzio and Kristine A. Nyzio, $390,000


501 King St. -- Robert K. Clough and Shelley A. Clough to Beverly Mitchell and John E. Grant, $475,000. 27 River Road -- Patrick E. Philips and Maria K. Phillips to Charles Dannison and Laura Dannison, $450,000. 79 Hacketts Pond Drive -- Virginia Leahy to Patrick J. Calabro and Denise L. Calabro, $410,000. 80 Candlewood Lane -- Stephen M. Hyde and Paula J. Hyde to Diane M. Lally and David T. W. Polk, $382,000


12 Myers Farm Road -- John V. Boyle and Michele M. Boyle to Brian Hill and Constance A. Hill, $947,500. 10 Liberty Road -- 4th Weymouth Corp. to Michael J. Cataldo, $775,000. 3 Bel Air Drive -- Helene N. Sullivan T. and Helene Sullivan-Lenahan to Douglas W. Sichol and Sylvia M. Valeri, $725,000. 22 Thompson Ave. -- Brian J. Hill to James E. Armistead, $688,250. 2-B Beals Cove Road -- Amendolare T. and Kathryn M. Amendolare to Gretchen Collier, $205,000


113 Edgewater Road -- Harold P. Roche and Martha C. Roche to John Patterson, $640,000. 711 Nantasket Ave. -- Theodore Mercurio to 711 Nantasket RT and Mark C. Ostroffr, $420,000. 3 Eastern Ave. -- Kevin L. Keller to Jacqueline H. Leach and Richard E. Leach, $301,000. 45 A St., Unit 1 -- Brian Flaherty to Thomas A. Montminy, $217,000


174 Country Club Way -- Richard J. Annaian and Amy Ruth Annaian to Steven R. Levin and Joyce M. Levin, $1,300,000. 24 Pine Hill Road -- Jeneve Corp. to Michael J. McDonough and Kristen J. McDonough, $761,814. 36 Ocean Hill Drive -- Michael J. Mcdonough and Kristen J. Mcdonough to Evan T. Belcher and Pamela A. Belcher, $460,000. 166 Main St. -- David A. Cushman and Judith R. Cushman to Ricardo D. Maduro, $395,000. 2 Redcoat Lane -- Anthony F. Palma and Gayle M. Palma to Deborah M. Benjamin and Paul D. Obrien, $383,900. 9 Country Way -- Stephen J. Slattery and Leslie D. Slattery to Scott M. Madden and Amy M. Madden, $333,900. 29 Shore Drive -- David F. McClintock to Kuei F. Rauh, $295,000


155 Bay Ave. -- Sean O. Hardiman and Martha M. Hardiman to Jane A. Southworth, $575,000. 21 Holmes Road -- John J. Gleason and Pamela Tracey to Patrick E. Phillips and Maria K. Phillips, $509,000. 37 Eames Way -- Ronald A. Matheson and Pamela R. Matheson to Kimberly A. Kelley and Edward M. Rodrigues, $479,000. 20 Rayfield Road -- Jayne Schattler to Anne M. Habel, $360,000. 11 Bradford St. -- Margaret Mancuso to Jeanne Waters, $330,000. 682 Plain St. -- Foxwood RT and Denine B. Kennedy to Shawn A. Flores and Story L. Leonard, $139,500


544 Brook Road -- Catherine P. Mcmanus and Thomas J. McManus to Kathleen M. McManus, $540,000. 11 Century Lane -- Dana C. Smith to Edwin J. Riley and Erika Hyde Riley, $525,000. 29 Wildwood Road -- Frances K. Berig to Christopher P. O'Brien and Shelagh F. O'Brien, $392,500


775 Center St. -- Robert B. Anderson and Elizabeth L. Anderson to James P. McLarnon and Linds M. McLarnon, $615,000. 291 Valley St. -- Michael J. Beaton to David R. Ripley and Laura M. Ripley, $329,900. 35 Farnum Road -- Penelope C. Wyman to Kenneth F. Melvoen and Jennifer J. Richards, $270,000. 16 Fairview Ave. -- Charles H. Wallen and Janet M. Wallen to Jonathan Pratt, $170,000


10 Grey Shale Road -- Thorndike Prop Of Ma LLC and Lloyd Geisinger to Sandra L. O'Shea, $702,003. 19 Cedar Oaks Drive -- Rebecca M. Haskell and Gary R. Haskell to Andrew F. Regula, $470,000. 35 Garrett Place -- David C. Fitzpatrick and Kristen Fitzpatrick to Michael D. Butts and Cheryl-Ann Butts, $370,000. 17 Stagecoach Circle -- Johannsen T. and Loretta M. Johannsen to Kevin S. Hurstak and Emily Murphy, $365,00012 Joyce Drive -- Andrew Regula to Christine M. Trostel, $336,900. 4 Braunecker Road -- Loretta J. Dunham to Christopher J. Neri, $155,000


247 Quincy Ave. -- 247 Quincy Avenue RT and Mark Raimondi to Michael A. Tran, $700,000. 100 Marina Drive, Unit 417 -- Marie Richards to George Moje and Myrna Moje, $350,000. 134 Centre St. -- Thomas J. Byrne to Jeffrey E. Searles and Sarah E. Tuzinski, $333,000. 70 Edwards St. -- Elizabeth M. Cahill to Sarah B. Alessandro and Scott Alessandro, $325,000. 11 Becket St. -- Stephen P. Norton to Ahmed Khafi, $270,000. 59 Garfield St. -- Ruth A. Levangie to Jian P. Lin, $191,000


38 Gloversbrook Road -- Joan M. Honig to Dung Thi Xuan-dinh, $400,000. 3 Porter St. -- Barry M. Heney and Jennifer W. Heney to Richard T. Keating, $375,000. 13 Eugenia St. -- Alvino Argant and Odette Argant to Rochelle Brunson, $344,000. 655 S. Main St. -- Chester E. Orlando and James A. Marsh to Francis A. Anbazhagan and Maria M. Rajaretnam, $335,000. 232 Canton St., Unit 209 -- Francis A. Anbazhagan and Maria M. Rajaretnam to Elysee Blanc, $195,000


3 Deacon Reed Lane -- David A. Yeshulas and Laurie J. Yeshulas to Cynthia J. Moriarty and Peter K. Moriarty, $465,500. 27 Vernon St. -- Edward J. Keane and Florence N. Keane to Robert E. Keane and Carol A. Keane, $350,000. 14 Hatherly Road -- Karen Kramich to Kristin Aronson, $305,000<. strong>14 Hatherly Road -- Karen Kramich to Kristin Aronson, $305,000. 99 North Ave. -- Dianne M. Holden to Sandra Savard and Christopher Smith, $285,000. 91 Josh Gray Road -- Lucille M. Fruzzetti and Ralph A. Deltufo to Laura L. Koch, $280,750


76 Brook St. -- Michael E. Ahern and Kristin E. Ahern to Daniel G. O'Connor and Michael T. Walsh, $469,900. 16 Cornerstone Lane -- Diamond Dev RT and J. Stephen Bjorklund to Mark Stewart RT and Mark A. Stewart, $325,000


33 Mulligan Drive, Unit 97 -- Weathervane Development Corp. to Adele D. Quintiliani and Anthony A. Quintiliani, $478,550. 1615 Commercial St. -- Kathleen G. Nugent and Patrick M. Nugent to Grace B. Dorn and Matthew D. Dorn, $368,000. 68 Pond St. -- Masco RT and James R. Bates to Michael R. Bates, $348,000. 15 Pratt Ave. -- Graham FT and Donald Dunn to Barbara L. Prall and Bryan J. Delgallo, $325,000. 71 Center St. -- Diane R. Gillespie and Noel E. Gillespie to Lidcley Leao, $305,000. 6 Old Stone Way, Unit 8 -- Ranstrom FT and Mlouisa Ranstrom to Asma Munir and Hafiz Zinnoorain, $245,000

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