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Widow says war loses 'meaning'

Husband soured on Iraq mission

The wife of an Army specialist killed in Iraq said yesterday that her husband was killed by "an ungrateful people" as he fought for a cause "that has lost all meaning."

Specialist Peter Enos, 24, died Friday in Bayji, Iraq, when his patrol vehicle was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade. Bayji is in the Sunni Triangle, an area north and west of Baghdad where Iraq's Sunni Muslims are dominant and most attacks against US forces have taken place.

Shannon Enos, 22, said she last spoke to her husband last Wednesday, when he said none of the soldiers deserved the fear and suffering they were experiencing.

"The people there seemed to be so ungrateful for all the things the Americans are doing for them," Shannon Enos said. "I feel that Peter's life was taken by an ungrateful people and for a cause that has lost all meaning."

Peter Enos is the son of Joseph and Deborah Enos of South Dartmouth. He and Shannon had a 6-month-old son, Marcus.

"He was loved so much and his loss has left an unrepairable hole in my heart and his parents' as well," Shannon said. She said her husband believed in his country and was willing to undertake any mission he was assigned.

Before he left for Iraq about two months ago, he was convinced that the military was serving a noble purpose there. But he became disillusioned during his time there, she said.

Shannon Enos said she hoped to hear President Bush discuss his exit strategy from Iraq during a press briefing scheduled for last night.

"My hope is I want to hear that the troops are coming home," she said. "I want to stop hearing about extensions."

Enos is at least the 13th Massachusetts resident to die in the war in Iraq. As of yesterday, 671 US service members had died since the war began last year.

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