Our Swan Boats Are Better Than Your Swan Boats

BOSTON , MA. 05/ 24/ 13:EVEN THE SWANS DID NOT GO OUT, the swan boats are moored in the middle of the pond. HOLIDAY RAINS to start the Memorial Day long weekend seen here at the Boston Public Garden. ( David L Ryan/Globe Staff Photo ) SECTION: METRO TOPIC stand alone photos
The swan boats at the Boston Public Garden.Boston’s swan boats, seen here at the Boston Public Garden.
David Ryan/The Boston Globe

Think Boston’s swan boats are the only swan boats? Think again. Our swan boats might be the most elegant, but they’re most definitely not the only swan boats. They’re available at vacation spots around Asia, Europe, South America, and—of course—Disney World. But try as they might, these swan boats will never—ever—match up to Boston’s.

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Lake Haruna, Japan

Sakura, Japan

Lake Ashinoko, Japan

Kichijōji, Tokyo, Japan

Lake Inawashira, Fukushima, Japan

Hakone, Japan

Yamanaka Lake, Japan

Lake Shikotsu, Japan

Higashiyama Zoo, Japan

Hanoi, Vietnam

Da Lat Lake, Vietnam

Seoul, South Korea

Bali, Indonesia

Phayao, Thailand

Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Benjakiti Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Berlin, Germany

Woburn Safari Park, United Kingdom

Warwick Park, United Kingdom

Bangor, United Kingdom

Toronto Islands, Canada

Roger Williams Park, Rhode Island

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Austin, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida

A long neglected swanboat, location unknown.

Boston (Why mess with perfection?)