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Abdul-Majid bin Abdul-Aziz, 65; was governor of Mecca


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Prince Abdul-Majid bin Abdul-Aziz, the governor of Islam's holy city of Mecca, died yesterday after a long illness, a Saudi Arabian royal statement said. He was 65.

Prince Abdul-Majid, who was the half brother of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, was flown to the United States, where he died after sudden health deterioration, the statement said.

The brief statement did not provide any other details about the cause of death or say where the prince died in the United States. It said he had undergone a surgery earlier and had traveled back to Saudi Arabia, but was flown back to the United States when his condition worsened.

Prince Abdul-Majid is the 33 d son of the kingdom's founder, the late King Abdul-Aziz, who had 36 sons.

In 1985, the late King Fahd appointed Prince Abdul-Majid, who has one son, Faisal, as governor of the holy city Medina. Fifteen years later, he became the head of Mecca.