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Jack Eisner, wrote of Holocaust; at 77

NEW YORK -- Jack Eisner, a Holocaust survivor and businessman who wrote a book about his experiences that was turned into a Broadway play and a movie, died of colon cancer last Sunday. He was 77.

Mr. Eisner helped found one of the oldest Holocaust survivors' groups, the Warsaw Resistance Organization, and established the Holocaust Survivors Memorial Foundation to endow chairs at universities.

Mr. Eisner met the pope more than once, including with a group of Holocaust survivors in 1994, and worked to promote understanding between Jews and Christians.

His autobiography, "The Survivor," was published by William Morrow in 1980. The Broadway play of the same name, written by Susan Nanus, debuted in 1981, and the 1985 movie "War and Love" was directed by Moshe Mizrahi.

Mr. Eisner made millions in the import-export business and had homes in Manhattan, Israel, and France. He sold his company, Stafford Industries, in 1978.

Born Jacek Zlatka in Warsaw, Mr. Eisner studied music before he and his family were forced into the Warsaw ghetto when he was a teenager.

Mr. Eisner smuggled food and weapons into the ghetto and estimated that he threw 200 Moltov cocktails during the ghetto revolt that began on April 19, 1943.

Mr. Eisner was imprisoned and tortured at the Majdanek, Budzyn, and Flossenburg concentration camps. More than 100 of his family members died in the Holocaust.

When the war was over, Mr. Eisner testified against Nazis and helped the US government find war criminals.

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