10 Artists to Watch
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Toru Nakanishi
Toru Nakanishi: Photography
Back when digital cameras were prohibitively expensive and not very good anyway, Japanese-born Nakanishi, 39, resorted to playing with his flatbed scanner -- and noodles. His large-scale, velvety scans of ramen noodles are luscious, and daunting. "My generation grew up eating it. It was like Campbell's Soup," he explains. Since then, he's made larger and larger images of other Japanese foods ($600-$2,000). Octopus is a favorite. The size gives his subjects a monumental feel -- not unlike Warhol's soup can. (Good thing he's also a professional art mover.) Nakanishi currently has work in "Wasabi," a group show at the Nave Gallery in Somerville. Gallery Kayafas, 450 Harrison Ave., No. 61, 617-482-0411. gallerykayafas.com