The Photos of 2005
Tired little boy
Somerville, Sept. 10: We followed a family that landed here in the middle of the night on a bus. They were evacuees from the hurricane. We were with them from the minute they got off the bus at South Station for the next six or seven weeks. This family had a harrowing journey. It was 48 hours on something like 12 different buses with little kids and barely enough food. They were met by a minister who put them up in the basement of his church. This is when they were first arriving, and they were exhausted. Devin's stomach had been bothering him. He paused in this doorway. Until then, for the youngest boys, this was sort of a grand adventure. It was just a really bad situation at this church. There wasn't even a shower. They ended up not staying, and they lived in a series of hotels over the next two weeks. ...
(Globe Staff Photo / Suzanne Kreiter)