The Photos of 2005
Woman dressed as Statue of Liberty emerging from portable toilet
Boston, July 4: This was on the Esplanade at the Boston Pops concert, and Lady Liberty was there with a few friends ... I said, "So, can I follow you to the bathroom?" Which might sound like a strange question, but she was game and said, "Sure, no problem."... While she was composing herself, I was composing the photograph, essentially. To me, it's lighthearted, but it can also be interpreted in a couple different ways. ... I was an intern over the summer when I shot this. This was Fourth of July, so I'd been here maybe a month and half. I'm the low man on the totem pole, so I get Fourth of July, I get Christmas, I get New Year's Eve - everything. But this is the kind of assignment I love. It's your job to go and select a moment out of all the stuff that's happening around you and take a picture of that moment.
(Globe Staff Photo / Erik Jacobs)