The Photos of 2005
girl splashing in green pool
East Boston, July 26: You might be on a news assignment and go to some city block, a neighborhood you've never been to, and find there's some sort of energy there. You think, "Wow, there's pictures here." ... When I was a kid, I grew up in a dysfunctional neighborhood - my grandparents lived in the projects -- so I don't find it a scary place. ... I came here two or three days in a row. The second day, this girl was cheering and happy to see me. There were five to 10 kids running around, and this was a moment when there weren't other kids in the pool. To me, it's very much a structure photograph. The top part is very hard, with the concrete and the pillar. The bottom, with the water and color, has a soft, fairy-tale look. It's two different worlds clashing. Her world and the real world in the same place.
(Globe Staff Photo / Dominic Chavez)