The Photos of 2005
Trot Nixon chats with elderly fan
Fort Myers, Fla., Feb. 24: It was just another day in spring training, but I happened to notice this woman calling out to Trot Nixon... His eyes were behind sunglasses, but you could see he was responding. She was a retired teacher from the high school he went to back in Wilmington, North Carolina, so they had a catching-up session. ... I probably shot a good 25 or 30 frames, but when I was editing, that particular frame stuck out, because if you look at her hand, you can see her reaction. She's going like, "Oh, cut it out." There were a lot of similar frames to choose from, but the combination of his smile and the way her hand was gesturing, I knew that was the one. It was probably my favorite shot of the whole spring.
(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)