The Photos of 2005
Serviceman kneeling and hugging his children
Westbrook, Maine, March 2: They were returning from Iraq, and the families were all lined up in this gymnasium. They had been waiting for hours. These guys walked in, and it was hard to know which way to shoot. ... They did some sort of ceremony, and then all hell broke loose - the family members all rushed each other. In a situation like that, you're shooting and constantly scanning for something that's better. ... I noticed this guy holding the baby. The older daughter was holding his leg and wanting to be closer to her dad. He took a knee, so he could embrace them both. When she put her hand up to his head - bang, bang, bang - I maybe got a few frames and then her hand moved away, and I realized that was the picture. You just know. Sometimes the tender touch, the subtle thing, makes the difference.
(Globe Staff Photo / Bill Greene)