The Photos of 2005
Woman alone in church pew
Everett, June 17: It's always sad, all these churches closing. This woman had been coming here, sitting in this pew, for a very long time. I let the reporter do the whole interview, and I just listened to everything. I just watched her. After the reporter finished, that's when the woman had that emotional moment and put her head down, and I went quick for the shot. This was a very tough picture, because it's a dark church with almost no light. ... This is my 37th year at the Globe. My father worked here; he was a Globe photographer, too. I think I got my first picture published in the Globe when I was 8 or 10. ... When it's printed in the paper, that's when I'm satisfied. I get more of a kick out of seeing people's reactions.
(Globe Staff Photo / David L. Ryan)