The Photos of 2005
oyster traps
Martha's Vineyard, June 9: We were actually looking for red tide all along Cape Cod. We thought fishing boats at the dock would be a cool shot – all these boats together, not going out because they're losing business. But that was not the case. So, we said, “Let's take a look over by Martha's Vineyard.” As we were going by Menemsha Pond, this grabbed my eye. The light and the pattern of the oyster traps. I do like patterns from a helicopter. ... It's a lot easier than when I use a small plane. With a plane, you might pass over 10 times but only score once. At least with the helicopter you can direct the pilot to compose the photograph, and say,"Turn to 12 o'clock." You can actually compose the photograph through the open window.
(Globe Staff Photo / David L. Ryan)