The Photos of 2005
Girls posing for prom pictures
Sudbury, May 14: My stepdaughter was going to the prom, and she mentioned to us, "Oh, yeah, there's a pre-prom event," and I'm like, "What? What's pre-prom?" ... In this community, these people invite all the kids going to the prom. The parents get to come and take pictures. I was drawn to this one because I'm pretty sure all these girls decided to match in the same color scheme. They look like rock stars with all the people taking pictures. I'll probably be one of those parents - wait, I was one of those parents! ...It was a funny scene with limousines lined up and down the street. The parents had set up tables with snacks. I'm sure this happens all over the country. It's a way to see your kid looking beautiful longer.
(Globe Staff Photo / Suzanne Kreiter)