The Photos of 2005
Small boy playing with combs
Dorchester, June 10: That's Jelani, my buddy. One of the very first projects I got here as an intern was to document the neighborhood of Dorchester. It was a pretty big task, because the last person to successfully do that was a guy named Eugene Richards, who grew up in Dorchester, and he's a super-famous photographer now. I yelled up, "Hey, is your mother home?" and his grandmother comes out. I say, "Hi. My name's Erik. I work for The Boston Globe. Do you mind if I come up and take some pictures of your son?" ... I went into the apartment and hung out for a while, and Jelani started getting bored. He picked up a pair of combs and started making music with them. ... Another bit of meaning for me is the Band-Aid on his elbow. ... The Band-Aid says someone's taking care of him, people are looking out for him.
(Globe Staff Photo / Erik Jacobs)