The Photos of 2005
Young woman weeping for Pope John Paul II
Newton, April 4: This is a young woman, and she's never really known any other pope. It was at Boston College - a Catholic college - but it really brought home how much this man meant to people. It was a relatively small outdoor remembrance ceremony. On one level, you think, "Oh, this is going to be a really quiet event," but then I saw her, and I saw the big cross on her, and I just quietly watched her. I saw a tear. It kept going and going and going, and, I swear, it started to take the shape of the cross around her neck. I was just watching this and shooting. I was really moved by how important the pope was to her, someone she had never met. She was so genuinely lost in her own grief that I don't think she even noticed me. I had a longer lens. I was standing at a respectful distance ... At some point, I stopped shooting and then waited until she was more composed and went up to her and got her name.
(Globe Staff Photo / Suzanne Kreiter)