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Expand Your Culinary Know-How With a Class or Two

Cookbook author Terence Janericco (left) taught lesson four in a five-week course to Andrew Wright and Jessica Barsamian.
Cookbook author Terence Janericco (left) taught lesson four in a five-week course to Andrew Wright and Jessica Barsamian. (Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe)

We eat out and take-out, sometimes we cook out, but cooking at home is often a problem - and classes can be the solution. When you take a cooking class, you get a combination of taste and experience, learn techniques, have fun, and eat and drink with like-minded people. There is no shortage of classes in the Boston area, so we selected a few favorites.

Creating a Stir Barbara Lynch has done it again. In a South End space the size of a closet, she's got a cookbook library and a full-on demo kitchen with a selection of classes that will take you all over the map, even into the world of wines, beers, and cocktails. The space is also available for private events. Stir, 102 Waltham Street, Boston, 617-423-7847,

Home Cooking Cookbook author and veteran teacher Terence Janericco has been turning up the heat for 38 years with classes geared toward teaching people to cook better for themselves (as opposed to becoming professional cooks). There are morning and evening classes, single sessions, five-week courses, and private classes all taught in his Bay Village home. Subjects include a "gourmet cooking" course and sessions in Italian, Asian, or French cuisines, desserts and baking, and Foods Around the World (covering Scandinavia and South Africa). Terence Janericco Cooking Classes, 42 Fayette Street, Boston, 617-426-7458, terencejanericcocookingclasses. com

Recreationally Speaking The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts has honed many of our talented area chefs, but it also offers a recreational cooking program. In addition to basics like knife skills and pastry making, you can take part in the "Cooking Couples Cook" series. And for the weeks ahead, there's Holiday Fare, New Year's Eve, Christmas, and Holiday Appetizer classes. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, 2020 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617-354-2020,

Taste Test Ever wondered how to cook on an Aga? (Ever wondered what an Aga was?) Eurostoves classes offer culinary basics and techniques on both familiar and unusual equipment, plus themed classes such as holiday cooking, healthy cooking, dinner parties, and family cooking - with your kids. Best of all, Eurostoves' lessons end with post-class sit- down dinners complete with background music, wine and beer to complement the meal, and a dessert finale. The Culinary Center at Eurostoves, 45 Enon Street, Beverly, 877-232-0007,

Restaurant Classes

Taking a class at your favorite restaurant is a great chance to pick up tips and techniques with a seasoned chef. Plus, it makes a great gift - make sure you include yourself on that list!

Coriander Bistro, 5 Post Office Square, Sharon, 781-784-5450,

The Elephant Walk, 900 Beacon Street, Boston, 617-247-1500, and 2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617-492-6900,

Radius, 8 High Street, Boston, 617-426-1234,

Rialto, The Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett Street, Cambridge, 617-661-5050,

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