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Cooking Contest!

You love to cook. But you have no time to cook. It’s feast or famine every night, from a heaping dish of chicken parm with ziti that gives you leftovers for a week to a bowl of cereal with a side of pretzels.

What you really need are some great one-pot meals that can be whipped up quickly, don’t require an hour of cleaning afterward, and leave everyone satisfactorily stuffed. The easy, crowd-pleasing one-pot dinner is every home cook’s holy grail.

If you’ve got a great recipe where all the cooking is done in one pot, pan, or dish, we want it. We’ll judge the entries, pick a winner, and put it in the magazine early next year. And we’ll post a whole bunch of other great one-pot recipes at For the winner, we’ll even throw in a bonus prize, but you’ll have to wait to find out what that is. So get cooking, and send us your recipes by November 19 at

– Doug Most, editor

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