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Geek Streak

This graphic artist makes clothing that MIT brainiacs love.

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"The way I dress, some people get it, some people don't," says Rik Alcid, a self-proclaimed fashion nerd. The 28-year-old calls his geek chic wardrobe an "easy recipe" cooked up from loads of pop-culture references. "It's like you watch one part sci-fi, two parts oldschool hip-hop and '80s rock, and tear a page from [Val Kilmer's character in Real Genius] Chris Knight's handbook. Add a dash of Dr. Who, and mix. That's me." The graphic artist is creative director at Sanchez Circuit, a science- and technology-inspired clothing and design company he cofounded three years ago with his sister, who goes by 8G. "All brainiacs at MIT wear our T-shirts," Alcid says proudly, as does MythBusters' Adam Savage on the Discovery Channel. In addition to brainteaser T's, the Watertown resident wears wacky versions of classic blazers and limited-edition sneakers to set himself apart. Sitting on the subway dressed like someone else is his worst sartorial nightmare. "Nerds do have style," says Alcid. "I find smart is cool." – Tina Sutton

Where he shops

For sneakers Unlike most collectors of limited-edition sneakers, Alcid doesn't like buying online. "You can never judge the condition or if they're fakes," he says. Locally, he gets Nikes at Concepts in the Tannery (37 Brattle Street, Cambridge, 617-868-2001, and Tier Zero Nikes at Bodega (6 Clearway Street, Boston, 617-421-1550).

For T-shirts Needless to say, Alcid shops first at Sanchez Circuit (, wearing prints of his own design inspired by engineering problems and solutions. He also likes the unusual selection at Re-Up (1 Brighton Avenue, Allston, 617-783-7387,

For vintage Alcid has good luck at Gumshoe (40 South Street, Jamaica Plain, 617-522-5066) when looking for Lacoste shirts or leather jackets. But he goes crazy at the Garment District (200 Broadway, Cambridge, 617-876-5230,, where, he says, "you never know what you're going to get."

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