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In seeking to broaden the appeal of a venerable art institution ("From Monet to Madonna," February 5), Malcolm Rogers has not just secured the financial viability of the Museum of Fine Arts. He has also given many visitors a newfound means to experience art. And people previously intimidated by art institutions may learn a well-kept secret: to experience art requires no previous experience.

Malcolm Rogers should be congratulated on his efforts to broaden the MFA's audience. But there is a crucial difference between democratizing the museum and treating art as mass entertainment. You don't need to dummy-down art to engage the public. People want to learn about works of art in terms of their social, political, and cultural import. As the MFA continues to evolve, I would encourage Rogers to bear this in mind, lest he transform the museum into the equivalent of a theme park.
STUART STECK /// Brookline

Let me get this straight: John Rosenthal is saying only citizens who can afford expensive shotguns and join expensive suburban gun clubs should be allowed to own a firearm ("Profile," February 5). So shotguns are "good" guns and the "assault weapons" on his billboards are "bad" guns. What an elitist. I don't think the 2d amendment was written to guarantee the right of affluent people to shoot sporting clays. Rosenthal is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
ROBERT W. LEE /// Leominster

Gun owners need to have our own voice and stop the perception that the NRA speaks for us. I am a strong believer in the right to bear arms but believe that we have an obligation to protect our law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers by doing our best to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children. I immediately joined the American Hunters and Shooters Association and forwarded its website to all the gun owners I know.
BILL CANTLIN /// Thornton, New Hampshire

Thank you, Doug Most ("Perspective," February 5). It is about time someone said, "Put that book down." Raising my kids, now 8 and 16, I did what felt right to me. That is what parenting is. You do your best and hope and pray your children become more than what you are.
KELLY GENSON /// Fremont, Michigan

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