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In depressing 'Who's Your Caddy?,' stereotypes are par for the course

"Who's Your Caddy?" never gives us a credible rapping golfer, but it does bring us closer to a "Disorderlies 2" than previously seemed possible.

If you don't recall, "Disorderlies" starred the Fat Boys as nincompoop nurses to poor Ralph Bellamy. Twenty years and several rap generations later, Antwan Andre Patton -- a.k.a. Big Boi a.k.a. half of the esteemed duo OutKast -- stars as C-Note, a hip-hop mogul who wants to join a South Carolina country club that is the last bastion of good-ol'-boy exclusivity. This place doesn't want Bill and Hillary; why would it want only 50 percent of OutKast?

But C wants to be a pioneer, anyway, and sets out to humiliate into submission the club's proprietor, an odious fat cat played by Jeffrey Jones. C and his entourage accomplish this the only way they seem to know how: acting a fool. They make big silly faces, they tear up the golf course, they fart, they encourage an unfunny Andy Milonakis, as Jones's hip-hop-loving son, to smack a stripper's fanny.

One thing they don't do convincingly is play golf. There would be no crime in that if "Who's Your Caddy?" truly aimed to bring the "party like a rock star" attitude to country-club life. It would still be terrible -- Don Michael Paul's direction is remedial at best -- but its spirit would be in the right place: a hip-hop "Caddyshack 2."

Instead, the movie decides, after 30 minutes of black people clowning like it's 1939, to be a melodrama about injustice and, sigh, redemption. Apparently, C's late father was a caddy at this club. He once shot a magical 59. He was an upstanding man, despite the apparent discrimination. And he taught his son the game, as we see in home-movie footage.

As it turns out, he's also a somewhat mythical figure around the grounds, and his majesty is visible all over his widow (Jenifer Lewis). Their son is a Dartmouth grad, who played lacrosse and earned a business degree.

None of this computes with the stereotype C is today. You actually like him better when he seemed to come from nothing. That way the shenanigans don't raise any eyebrows.

As it develops, "Who's Your Caddy?" just becomes depressing. You want to alert the United Negro College Fund: A mind has terribly gone to waste.

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Who's Your Caddy?

Directed by: Don Michael Paul

Written by: Paul, Robert Henry, and Bradley Allenstein

Starring: Antwan Andre Patton, Jeffrey Jones, Andy Milonakis, Faizon Love, and Jenifer Lewis

At: Boston Common

Running time: 94 minutes

Rated: PG-13 (rude and sexual content, some nudity, language and drug material)