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Plenty of targets for Stewart, even himself

Last week was a great week to be a comedian who makes a living skewering politicians. You just can't ask for better material than a US representative sending lewd text messages to teenage boys.

Jon Stewart had been hammering on Mark Foley and the Republicans on ``The Daily Show," and he got in a few more digs at the Wang Theatre on Friday night, but it wasn't his political material that drew the biggest laughs. It was his reaction to his microphone stand breaking.

He'd been leaning on it and tipping it from side to side all night, casually delivering his thoughts on the sorry state of our country, gay marriage, and video games, so it was no surprise when the stand came apart in his hands. After a few moments of perfectly played bewilderment, he tried to screw the metal pole back into the base, making jokes about his obsessive-compulsive disorder as he fiddled with it. Finally he gave up and shuffled off to the side of the stage, head bowed and microphone in hand, to get rid of the broken piece of equipment. He was almost to the edge when he was stopped short by his fully extended microphone cord, which led to even more bewilderment.

Stewart had been talking about how black people invented the blues and how Jewish people just complained (although there was the record written by his grandmother: ``It's Drafty in Here," with the B-side track ``Now It's Too Hot" ) but lost all train of thought when the microphone stand broke. ``Where was I?" he asked the audience. ``Jews and blacks" a guy shouted, and Stewart busted up laughing.

When he was given a new microphone stand -- this one with an adjustable top that swiveled -- Stewart was overjoyed. He did a little dance and walked around it, sizing it up from afar and then leaning in close to get to know it. It was silly and off the cuff -- and had the sold-out crowd in stitches.

Anyone who has watched Stewart interview a guest on his show knows he is extremely sharp. This is a man who has a lot of thoughtful things to say about who we are as a society, and talking comes very easily to him; phrases like ``uranium-tipped bunker-busting bombs" roll right off his tongue. To top it all off, he's charming, laid-back, and, let's face it -- completely adorable.

It's just nice to know there's someone out there paying attention to what's going on in the world who is intelligent enough to use the word ``feckless" (see Democratic party) and goofy enough to make his Dick Cheney impression a series of strident, nasaly honks. The crowd was right: Jon Stewart for president.

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