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Food Pantries, Homeless Shelters: A Little Help, Please

341 Broadway, Cambridge

Immediate and long-term support for women who are homeless or in crisis whose needs cannot be met by traditional social services.

Need: Toiletries, women's clothing (especially large sizes) including coats, hats, gloves, boots, jeans, sweatshirts, money, and office supplies

Contact: Gillian Grossman 617-497-7968 ext. 37

PROJECT SOUP59 Cross St., Grace Baptist Church, SomervilleFood pantry and suppers for Somerville residents. Monday dinners at 5 p.m., 95 College Ave.

Need: Canned tuna, peanut butter, pasta, sauces, soups, food for holiday baskets, money

Contact: Mary Todd or Sandy Harris, 617-776-7687

LOG SCHOOL222 Bowdoin St., DorchesterClothing and food pantry, day care, after-school care, homework center, adult ESL, and GED program.

Need: Clothing, office furniture, food, computers, youth GED

Contact: Miranda Monterro, 617-474-1231

BOSTON UNIVERSITYCOMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER Student Food Rescue, 775 Commonwealth Ave., 4th Floor, BostonPicks up canned and prepared food for soup kitchens and shelters.

Need: Money, van maintenance, fuel, volunteers to deliver pre-packaged meals to people with AIDS

Contact: Scott Parker and Viral Sheth, 617-353-4710

BOSTON FOOD PANTRY American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay, 285 Columbus Ave., 2d floor, BostonProvides food packages Wednesday and Saturday mornings 9-12.

Need: Nonperishable canned goods, baby formula, diapers, soups, fruits, peanut butter, tuna, vegetables

Contact: Maureen Schnellmann, 617-375-0700 ext. 210

CASPER EMERGENCYSERVICE CENTER 240 Albany St., CambridgeServing the homeless.

Need: Food, winter clothing, hats, gloves, underwear, personal hygiene items, volunteers, and money

Contact: Dick Riccio at 617-661-0600

THE PANTRY SHELFInterfaith Social Services, 105 Adams St., QuincyMonthly and emergency grocery providers for South Shore residents.

Need: Holiday foods, gift certificates to grocery stores, spaghetti sauce, soups, crackers, jellies, canned vegetables, macaroni and cheese, canned meats, baked beans, individual dinners, pastas, canned fruits, cereals, money, hygiene items

Contact: Bettyanne Muir Lang, 617-773-6203

QUINCY CRISIS CENTER P.O. Box 31, Quincy 02170Lunchtime meal program weekdays at the United First Parish, food delivery to homes, referral crisis hotline 617-471-7075.

Need: Nonperishable foods, produce, volunteers, drivers (especially at holiday times), turkeys, children's gifts (especially for ages under 18)

Contact: Kathi Garrison, volunteer line, 617-847-6967

ST. JOSEPH'S FOOD CELLAR 208 S. Main St., AttleboroDistributes food packages every Friday evening.

Need: Toiletries, individual packages of cereal, peanut butter, tuna, jellies, soups, money, canned vegetables, pasta, sauce, canned goods

Contact: Drew Ward, 508-222-8888


Emergency food center.

Need: Volunteers, nonperishable holiday food donations, turkeys, cranberries, yams, nuts, string beans, cookies, money

Contact: Mary Bradley, 617-471-0796 ext. 104

AIDS PROJECT WORCESTER 85 Green St., WorcesterDistributes food boxes weekly and holiday meals for people with HIV and their families; provides case management and alternative therapy services, peer support; adoption and foster care program.

Need: Nonperishable foods, cereals, pastas, canned goods, soups, juices, tuna, peanut butter, turkeys, holiday candies, household products, fresh vegetables, toiletries, diapers, dried beans, toys, volunteers, money

Contact: Tricia Price, 508-755-3773 ext. 16

CITIZENS FOR CITIZENS 1 Taunton Green, TauntonDistributes groceries and food baskets, vouchers, and clothes to the needy.

Need: Nonperishable foods, holiday basket foods, toys, children's winter clothes

Contact: Debbie Araujo, 508-823-6346


69 Willow St., HamiltonFood pantry serving surrounding communities.

Open Wednesday 10 a.m.-noon, Saturday 9 a.m.-noon.

Need: Canned goods, jellies, tomato sauces, soups, and other nonperishable food items, canned stews, turkeys, money.

Contact: Cathy Carleo, 978-468-7424

SOLUTIONS AT WORK 1151 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Breaking the economic chains of homelessness.

Need: Functional cars, computers, interview and office-level clothes for men and women, shoes, books, clothes, toys, baby furniture (will pick up any items), cash, vouchers

Contact: Macy DeLong, 617-492-0300 ext. 5

(Includes clothing program located at 391 Evereteze Way, Cambridge. Contact Sonya Darcy, 617-576-0039.)

HELPING HANDS541 Cambridge St., BostonMonkey Helpers for the Disabled.

Need: donations, volunteers, clients

Contact: Judi Zazula, 617-787-4419 or

SOMERVILLE HOMELESSCOALITION 1 Davis Square (lower level), SomervilleAdult shelter with 12 beds; family shelter with 20 beds.

Need: Money, bedding, linens, socks, underwear, sneakers, towels, cosmetics, toiletries, juice, coffee, office supplies, toys, paper goods, volunteers

Contact: Mark Allston-Follensdee, 617-623-6111

LONG ISLAND SHELTERTobin Building, Long Island, Boston Harbor425 beds

Need: Turkeys, canned fruit cocktail, pies, toiletries, underwear, clothing, Christmas gifts, gift certificates, socks, winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, office equipment, thermal underwear, eyeglasses, medical supplies, volunteers, money

Contact: Marie Sullivan, 617-534-2526 ext. 308

PROJECT HOPE45 Magnolia St., DorchesterFood Pantry serving surrounding community, open three mornings a week, serving more than 200 families a month.

Need: Nonperishable food items, gift certificates to grocery stores (especially America's Food Basket, Stop & Shop), money, boxes of mashed potatoes, seasonal food items

Contact: Heather Sullivan, 617-442-1880 ext. 21 or

MAINSPRING COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS54 N. Main St., BrocktonShelter and support services for homeless people: MainSpring House, 54 N. Main St., Brockton, five families and 100 adults; Conway House, 14 E. Grove St., Middleborough, 13 families; and Evelyn House, 90 Prospect St., Stoughton, 16 families.

Need: Money, volunteers, toiletries, soap, cans of coffee, food, towels, socks, diapers

Contact: Linda Gately, 508-427-6448 ext. 18

AMHERST SURVIVAL CENTER1200 N. Pleasant St., North AmherstFood, clothing, and household goods for people in need; hot lunches and groceries weekdays except Wednesdays; 100 people a day.

Need: Turkeys and trimmings, nonperishable foods, powdered milk, food items, winter clothing, winter coats, money, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear, hats

Contact: Diana Souza, 413-549-3968 ext. 205

FAMILY HOUSE SHELTER317 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester66 beds

Need: Volunteers for repairing, for child-care, for painting; sheets, towels, money, small household items such as dishes, glasses, silverware, food, holiday decorations

Contact: Cynthia Brown, 617-541-2731

HORIZONS FOR HOMELESSCHILDREN90 Cushing Ave., DorchesterProvides services for homeless children and families around Massachusetts.

Need: Volunteers, money, soft books, blocks and toys for infants, dolls, Play-Doh, Duplo sets, crayons, toys, alphabet and number sets for children

Contact: Colette O'Neill, 617-287-1900 ext. 126,

CASA NUEVA VIDABox 2115, Jamaica Plain 0213016 Hispanic families

Need: Money, furniture, women's and children's winter coats and boots, toiletries, gifts for children, sheets, towels, housewares

Contact: Manuel Duran, 617-524-6332

HILDEBRAND FAMILY SELF-HELP CENTER 614 Massachusetts Ave., 3d floor, Cambridge34 families

Need: Canned goods, paper goods, kitchen items, blankets, spreads, curtains, children's arts and crafts supplies, small appliances, usable wooden (non-upholstered) furniture

Contact: Shakti Rovner, 617-491-5752

BOSTON FAMILY SHELTER656 Massachusetts Ave., BostonNeed: Household items, linens and bedding, towels, personal care items, dishes, pots and pans

Contact: Amanda McClusky, 617-267-8081

PILGRIM'S HOPE 149 Bishop's Highway, KingstonFamily homeless shelter, fair exchange providing on-site food pantry, clothing, furniture and household goods.

10 family bedrooms

Need: Maintenance volunteer, children's Christmas gifts, gifts for teens, food for Christmas dinner, pickup truck for food bank, turkeys

Contact: Jean Delaney, 781-582-2010

LOUISON FAMILY CENTER 137 Newbury St., Brockton15 families

Need: Blankets, sheets, dishes, pots and pans, nonperishable foods, turkeys, craft supplies, money, pillows, towels

Contact: 508-584-4315 ext. 209


Seven families

Need: Toiletries, disposable razors, hand lotion, children's videos, baby supplies such as diapers, bottles, bottle brushes, pacifiers, teething rings, baby wipes, baby powder, linens, towels, blankets, winter wear, comforters

Contact: Christine Carpenter 508-679-2109

BROOKVIEW HOUSE2 Brookview St., DorchesterTransitional housing for 12 families.

Need: Microwave, VCR, dehumidifier, dressers, linens

Contact: Adrienne Polk, 617-265-2965

RENEWAL HOUSE P.O. Box 919, Roxbury Crossing 02120Battered women and children.

Need: Canned and dry goods, twin-size linens and blankets, towels, kitchenware, toiletries, pillows

Contact: Susan Crifcione, 617-277-4194

FINEX HOUSE INC. Box 1154, Jamaica Plain 02130For battered women and children; wheelchair access, sign language available, and translators in number of different languages; 30 beds.

Need: Money, food, clothing, linens, cooking and serving utensils, new children's toys and books, TV, VCR, toiletries, holiday gifts for women and children, volunteers, help with fund-raising (all donations are tax exempt). Will pick up any items listed that cannot be dropped off.

Contact: Nell Bass, 617-436-2002 or e-mail

TRANSITION HOUSE 649 Mass. Ave., Suite 6, Cambridge, MA

For battered women and children.

Need: Laundry detergent, new towels, new bed linens, diapers, food vouchers, arts and crafts, winter wear for children, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, train tokens, volunteers, money, clothing store gift certificates, toys and board games, women's clothes, infant clothes, baby items

Contact: Annelise Galdes, 617-868-1652

RESPOND INC. Box 555, Somerville 02143For battered women and children.

Need: Toiletries, clock radio, volunteers, cleaning supplies, new toys, disposable diapers, nonviolent videos for children, gift certificates to food and clothing stores, calling cards, T passes, towels, twin-size sheets and blankets, cellphones.

Contact: Michelle Fine, 617-625-5996

MARY E. SARGENT HOUSE 577 Massachusetts Ave., Boston

Long-term boys' group home.

Need: Money, clothes, blankets, computer, housewares, sports equipment, free activities (movie or theater tickets), games, video games, video gaming systems, toys

Contact: Molly Schofield, 617-437-1319

ON THE RISE 341 Broadway, Cambridge

Day help for homeless women.

Need: Food, women's jackets (especially large sizes), new underwear, new socks, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, money, gift certificates (beauty salons, etc.)

Contact: Jennifer Costa, 617-497-7968.

SAFE HARBOR 7 Summerside Lane, Hyannis

Shelter for battered women and children.

Need: Money, linens, toiletries, toys, phone cards, grocery store gift certificates

Contact: Eleanor Crisileo, 508-790-2933


Residential educational program for homeless women and young children; 20 beds.

Need: Trash bags (large kitchen), paper goods, tissues, antibacterial liquid soap, plastic wrap, crib sheets, baby monitors, gift cards (Stop & Shop, Shaw's), toasters, cleaning products, money, diapers, postage, Pedialyte, video games, video game systems, toys

Contact: Sharon Brake, 781-749-5441

THE CARRIAGE HOUSE 294 Old Main Road, North FalmouthShelter for women and children.

Need: Baby diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, paper goods, antibacterial soap, towels, cleaning supplies, crib sheets, educational supplies, money, shampoo, gift certificates (Wal-Mart), personal items for mothers, volunteers

Contact: Katrina Santos, 508-564-6485

ABBY'S HOUSE 52 High St., WorcesterHomeless shelter for women and children.

Need: Nonperishable foods, paper goods, plastic bags, garbage bags, postage stamps, cleaning supplies, pillows, twin bedding, brooms, dust mops

Contact: Julie Komenos, 508-756-5486

SHELTER INC. 109 School St., Cambridge21 people

Need: Clothing, winter coats, hats, scarves, and mittens (for adults), toiletries, food, linens, household items, shoes, winter clothing, VCR, towels, alarm clocks, large cereal bowls, pillows, socks, underwear, volunteers

Contact: Veronica Moore, 617-547-1885

FATHER BILL'S PLACE 38 Broad St., Quincy (open 24 hours)Beds and meals for 115 people.

Need: Money, volunteers, paper plates and cups, laundry supplies, food, turkey and trimmings, personal hygiene items (especially toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, and deodorant), linens, clean socks and underwear, gloves, hats, storage space, appliances, feminine hygiene items, T tokens, hammers, screwdrivers, phone cards, healthcare products

Contact: Erika Barber, 617-770-3314

MEDFORD FAMILY LIFEEDUCATION CENTER 2 Central Ave., MedfordNeed: Clothing for adults and children, gifts for children, toiletries for adults, paper, envelopes, stamps, towels, new Christmas decorations, single-size linens

Contact: Kay Yarrow, 781-391-9116

HARBOR LIGHTS CENTER 407-409 Shawmut Ave., BostonNeed: Food, clothes, toiletries, new socks and underwear, winter clothes, volunteers at mealtimes

Contact: Vince Mason, 617-536-7469 ext. 222


Supports homeless families shelter, foster children, child-care service, housing search.

Need: Gift certificates for supermarkets, toys, books, clothing for children and teens, child-care equipment, passenger van

Contact: Celesta Shropshire, 617-445-6655 ext. 224

NEW ENGLAND SHELTER FOR HOMELESS VETERANS 17 Court St., BostonEmergency and transitional shelter, job training, permanent housing for homeless veterans.

Need: Gift certificates, toiletries, volunteers, men and women's winter coats, money

Contact: Stephen Cunniff, 617-371-1701

THE SALVATION ARMY 1500 Washington St., BostonAfter-school program, family services, food pantry, seasonal assistance

Need: Canned goods, other nonperishable foods, volunteers

Contact: Envoys Sheila or Rohan Gage, 617-536-5260

SAINT FRANCIS HOUSE 39 Boylston St., BostonMeals, clothing, counseling, medical help, food pantry, lawyers, shower room, address and day shelter for 500.

Need: Winter clothing and sneakers, money, passes or tickets to events, subway tokens, nonperishable food, scarves, hats, gloves, volunteers

Contact: Dan Walters, 617-654-1212

HALEY HOUSE/ BOSTONCATHOLIC WORKER 23 Dartmouth St., BostonBreakfast for homeless men Sunday-Friday, afternoon meal for elders Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays; food pantry, magazine for young adults, bakery training, bakery, cafe, wholesale baked goods.

Need: Buy their baked goods, clothing, soap, shaving supplies, canned goods, fresh fruit, shoes and boots, winter coats, volunteers, flatware

Contact: Kathe McKanna, 617-236-8132

PROJECT PLACE32 Rutland St., BostonHomeless day program provides lunch, storage, employment program, adult-education and job-readiness program, women's transition shelter (Betty's Place), computer lab.

Need: Cookware, games, books, music tapes, art supplies, holiday food, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, new toys, appointment books, dictionaries, thank you cards

Contact: Marie Esposito, 617-262-3740

EAST END HOUSE 105 Spring St., CambridgeSocial service agency for children, families, seniors, and others.

Need: Nonperishable food, money, volunteers, diapers

Contact: Mary Turbert, 617-876-4444

WOMEN'S LUNCH PLACE 67 Newbury St., BostonDay shelter for poor and homeless women and children; serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday; laundry and shower facilities available; mail and telephone services, visiting services with doctors and literacy volunteers, advocacy work; reading and nap room; provides emergency needs.

Need: Daytime volunteers who can commit to eight hours a month for six months, women's winter and rain gear (especially large sizes), birthday gifts, cash donations.

Contact: Patti Sederquist, ext. 37, or Barbara Shenker, ext. 22, 617-267-1722

UNITED WAY OFMASSACHUSETTS BAY 51 Sleeper St., BostonVolunteer referral programs.

Need: Volunteers to provide meals for Thanksgiving, to wrap gifts for the needy, and to help children and families in the community

Contact: United Way at or 617-624-8000

ROSIE'S PLACE * 889 Harrison Ave., Boston

Provides meals, shelter, clothing, and permanent solutions such as job training and supportive housing. Doesn't accept government funding, relies solely on support from community.

Need: Money or grants, nonperishable foods, women's clothing, toiletries, volunteers, women's undergarments

Contact: Sue Marsh, 617-442-9322,


Provides job training for those with disabilities and helps those with other barriers to self-sufficiency.

Need: Money, clothing, household goods

Contact: 617-445-1010 or 888-828-GIVE,

CAMP FIRE USA EASTERNMASSACHUSETTS COUNCIL56 Roland St., Boston North LobbyProvides all-inclusive, coeducational programs aimed at encouraging young people to be caring, confident, and strong future leaders; after-school and drop-in centers, small groups, overnight camp.

Need: Sports equipment in good condition, portable PA system, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, sleeping bags, canoes, rowboats, sailboat, non-toxic materials for arts and crafts projects (including large rolls of paper)

Contact: Cindy Courtney, 617-591-0300 ext. 140

CONCORD PRISON OUTREACHBuilding and fostering good relations between the community and the two major prisons in Concord; makes frequent donations to prison inmates.

Need: White facecloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, flip-flops, disposable razors, envelopes, stamps, writing pads smaller than 8-by-11 (no metal binding), greeting cards (homemade if possible) signed with first name only

Contact: Joan Kaufman, 978-369-8487 or

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