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Quotes of note

"I can time the closing of every saloon in Oak Square from the parade down the street. This plan would be a disaster for neighbors."
Secretary of State WILLIAM F. GALVIN, who opposes Boston College's plan to purchase property from the Archdiocese of Boston

"You get some kids late night, drunk, singing 'Sweet Caroline' on the way home. How harmful is that, honestly? If you choose to live there, you have to expect it's not a perfectly quiet area. You knew that coming in."
PATRICK FOUHY, editor of Boston College's student newspaper, The Heights

"I certainly wouldn't send him to the United Nations."
TOMMY THOMPSON, a former member of President Bush's Cabinet, when asked what role he might envision for Bush after the 2008 election

"The fact is that I opposed this war from the start. So you're about 4 1/2 years late on leadership on this issue."
Senator BARACK OBAMA of Illinois, to former North Carolina senator John Edwards

"Are we men or mice? Are we going to slither away from this issue and hope for some epiphany to happen?"
Senator TRENT LOTT of Mississippi, on immigration

"Scooter Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in prison . . . even though he is a good friend of Vice President Dick Cheney. Hey, he got off easy. Cheney's other friends got shot in the face."