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Mayor's retooling of Catholicism

WITH REGARD to ''Menino fires back at critics over issues of faith, politics" (Page A1, Dec. 10): Mayor Menino wants to redefine what it is to be Catholic. The article espouses the mayor's misguided beliefs when it calls protestors outside the recent Catholic Charities event honoring Menino ''conservative Catholics." These Catholics are not liberal, moderate, or conservative. They believe what the Lord teaches through the Catholic Church.

Our schools have redefined Thanksgiving (the Pilgrims thanked the Native Americans rather than God) and Christmas (celebrating instead the winter ''holiday"). Now, Menino espouses a redefined Catholicism that reflects his own choices rather than the teaching of the church or Scripture.

In his remarks at the Catholic Charities event, Menino claimed that Jesus didn't call on His followers to go around ''talking up God." Jesus, in Matthew 28, told us to go into the whole world and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Compromise is the name of the game and, unfortunately, Menino, Catholic Charities, and so many Catholics have bought into this game: Every Catholic must ask him or herself: At what price compromise?

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