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The Department of Peace

FOR ALL those who feel it seems that only dark clouds surround the earth, I'd like to offer a ray of hope. A bill is pending in Congress that would establish a Department of Peace. This innovative and forward-looking measure, which was introduced by Representative Dennis Kucinich, could be a catalyst to creating a saner, more civil, and peaceful world.

We spend so much money on weapons. Doesn't it make sense to invest some of that money into finding peaceful solutions to our problems? We need solutions that will benefit all of humanity and not just a privileged few.

Many of our most brilliant, talented, and creative minds are focused on creating weapons of mass destruction. Let's begin to refocus these minds on creative endeavors to improve human life, not destroy it. Yes, a Department of Peace would only be a tiny step forward, but even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Kucinich has been working hard for ''we the people" for over 20 years. It's up to us to support him and help make this vision a reality.


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