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Bruschi's walk into danger

IN ''BRUSCHI at low risk" (Page A1, Oct. 18) the Patriots linebacker, his wife, and a team of neurologists all believe that, although he suffered a stroke last winter, he can return to a sport in which violent head collisions are an everyday occurrence. This is nothing new. Throughout history, men have often been told that they rate very low in the pantheon of value.

For whatever reasons, society has marched young men off to war, into burning buildings, or onto football fields in the belief that the health and lives they should hold dear are cheaply bought.

I'm sure that in his heart Tedy Bruschi feels he must return to the football field. And society has often expected men like Bruschi to walk back into danger. Like others, I am praying that he will always be able to walk off the field.

J.V. CASTELLI, Brighton

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