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Church confused about pedophilia

I, MY 10 siblings, and my widowed mother have all moved away from the Catholic Church over the years, ending a familial relationship that has centuries of roots in Ireland. None of my parents' grandchildren were raised as Catholics, nor will the great-grandchildren. The cycle has been broken for our family. I am fully disgusted with the church.

With all the education, money, and research available, how can the church confuse homosexuality with pedophilia (''Vatican bid to find gays in seminary stirs concern," Page A1, Sept. 16)? Surely they don't. Studies have shown there is no link between the two. So what is this purge? I am surrounded by the forces of darkness, to use a Catholic term. The darkness of ignorance. And how much more horrific can ignorance be than a chosen ignorance? My apologies to every gay man who lives an upstanding life in these times of hatred and intolerance.

McNAMARA BUCK, Cambridge

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